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Kidney Disease Diet: Would You Like Kidney Disease With That…?

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Fast-food. I know it sure is convenient, and there sure is something satisfying about hoeing into your favourite fast-food. But the fact of the matter is, that fast food is, well, garbage. Shocked? I’m sure.

*Sheepishly* For me, my weakness is fish and chips. Can’t get enough of that golden fried goodness :-). Though I am pleased to tell you I am on a 12 step program and my intake is down to only once a month – for those brave enough, I would love to hear what your vice is in the comment section below.

Of course not all fast-food is evil, but a study undertaken from the good people at The Division of Nephrology at MetroHealth Medical Centre in Cleveland, Ohio have sure made it look so (especially for those suffering from kidney disease).

The scientists wanted to see whether fast-food meals were compatible, at all, with the requirements of a healthy kidney disease diet. The four main nutritional requirements to take into consideration for a kidney disease diet are: potassium, protein, phosphorous and sodium.

They performed quite an intensive investigation, spanning 15 major fast-food chains. Examining ingredient lists and nutritional meal profiles, the scientists were able to accurately assess the levels of potassium, protein, phosphorous and sodium in each of the meals and side-dishes that each of the fast-food chains offer. There were 804 meals and 163 side-dishes in total.

You ready for the scary part (the results)?

Out of the 804 meals only 16% of them were deemed OK on all counts! The side-dishes were only slightly better coming in at 17%.

Also, there were no acceptable meals at 3 fast-food chains, and no acceptable side-dishes at 5 fast-food chains.

So what can you take from this?

Well, it should be obvious. Avoid all fast food in a kidney disease diet. The risks are too great, you end up feeling like crap (nausea, bloating, fatigue, digestive complaints, swelling, etc.), and there is nothing in them that will improve your kidney health one bit.

So stop playing Russian Roulette with your next meal. Go home, and enjoy a beautifully prepared home cooked meal – or at the very least go to the “other” food restaurant and enjoy a meal that you can trust.

“Different Results Require Different Actions”

And don’t say it is too hard, or boring. What a crock! How serious are you? If you are still doing the things that led you to the place that you’re in right now, wouldn’t you say that you don’t want to change? Different results require different actions. You don’t need to change everything today (though that would be pretty cool). Change happens when you apply *small*, consistent actions that are aligned with your goal (what’s your goal?). So head on over to my list of yummy (and growing) recipes right now and start creating the life and health you want!

Enjoy, and live strong!

Final Note

creating a healthy life and body is “simple”, but not necessarily “easy”. If it were easy, then everyone would be free of dis-ease, and living a vital life. But as we know this is not the case, and therefore understand that even though healthy living is simple, it requires work, and a hunger for change. I believe in your ability to change, grow and prosper. Just do it.

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