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FAQ's - Kidney Disease Solution Program

Kidney Disease Solution Program

Do you provide a hard copy of the program?

We don’t sell a hard copy of this book. We have chosen to use this option as it allows for instant access to the program, helps keep costs down for customers, and allows us to send out any updates to the program for free. We hope you appreciate our reasoning.

Can you use the program following a kidney transplant?

You can follow the program after a transplant, however there are a number of natural remedies that need to be avoided alongside transplant drugs, so we advise writing in for the professional support that comes with the program so we can advise you of any safety issues and assist with choosing alternative options.

Can you follow the program if you're on dialysis?

For people on dialysis the aims of the program are to slow progression of kidney damage as much as possible and relieve symptoms, thereby improving quality of life. There are also suggestions for remedies within the program that can help prevent side effects of dialysis.

Is the program appropriate for Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Because it is a genetic condition, the main aims of the program for people with Polycystic Kidney Disease are to improve overall wellbeing and maintain current kidney function for as long as possible. Natural remedies do not aim to remove the cysts, but rather to prolong the kidney function as much as possible. The program can also be used to address hypertension which is a common issue in PKD.

How do I lower my creatinine levels?

High creatinine is simply a sign of reduced kidney function and it is not something that needs to be treated separately. With that in mind everything that you do with natural therapies in order to improve kidney function is automatically working toward reducing creatinine.

Where do I start?

When beginning the program everyone starts with Phase 1 regardless of the cause of their kidney disease. This includes taking the nutritional supplements and herbal medicines as outlined on page 91 of the ebook. Alongside this you should also be following the alkaline diet as oulined in chapter 8 and incorporate the Kidney Tea (recipe is in chapter 10). You will also recieve access to our free educational video series that will help walk you through the program. Keep an eye out for these as thay are invaluable!

Can you provide me with research articles to support the program?

You will find a number of links to research articles in the Appendix of the ebook which starts on page 209.

Do you have a phone number? How can I contact you?

All of our correspondence is held via email as we have customers worldwide across different time zones, and we need this format to send tech support.

What is the cost of program?

The Program costs $87 USD. Taxes may apply depending on the country that you live in.

I have lost my download link?

If you no longer have your download link please email us at [email protected] and we can send it through to you again.

I paid for the program but I never received it?

We’re sorry to hear that, that is most unusual. You would have been sent a welcome email as soon as your payment went through, but this may have gone to your spam folder if you didn’t save our address. If you no longer have your welcome email please email us at [email protected] and we can send you a new download link.

Is this program appropriate for IgA nephropathy?

The program has a strong focus on treating the individuals cause of kidney damage. As IgA nephropathy is a common cause of kidney damage this is certainly covered within the program, with suggestions for remedies that address autoimmune disease.

How do I buy the program?

You can purchase the program at . As soon as your payment goes through you will be emailed a welcome letter that contains the link to download the program and bonus gifts.

What results can I expect?

Generally speaking, if the program is followed in full and there is no other major organ disease, we would expect to see some improvement in kidney function if the program is begun with a GFR or over 15.

Can children follow the program?

The program can be followed by children however it is designed for adults in regards to the dosages recommended. If you would like your child to follow the program we would advise you to write in for the professional support that is included so that we can assist with tailoring the program to your childs needs and ensuring that the dosages are converted to safe amounts.

I am confused. Which phase am I supposed to be in?

Phase 1 is the only phase that you are always using. As the name suggests, ‘Phase 1 – The Essentials’ is the foundation of excellent kidney health. It therefore needs to be continually addressed. However, to make this program even more customisable for you and your individual needs, I have included Phases 2 & 3. Not all the sections in Phases 2 & 3 may be applicable to you, but, for the majority, at least one of these will work alongside Phase 1. For example, John has kidney disease (Phase 1) and he also has diabetes (Phase 2 – Cause Section) and he suffers from blood in the urine (Phase 3 – Symptom Section).

What do I do if the diet or supplements make me feel unwell?

It is not unusual when you are changing your diet and lifestyle to notice a few mild digestive symptoms like nausea or wind. If you find that you are experiencing more severe symptoms, seek advice from your doctor or health care professional. They may advise you to either stop or reduce your supplements temporarily (e.g. for a few days or a week) to give your body time to adjust. Always consult your doctor or health care professional with your concerns.

If I take a higher dose of the supplements, will the process be quicker?

No, definitely not. You can have too much of a “good thing” and therefore increase the chance of unwanted side effects. Please always stay within the recommended dosages for all your medicines and supplements. Everything needs a certain length of time to work most effectively. You do not bake a cake by increasing the temperature listed on the recipe in the hope that it will cook faster, do you? This will only lead to a dry, burnt cake. You need to set the oven at the correct temperature and for the correct duration for a perfectly baked cake.

When should I expect to see some results?

Results vary from person to person. You might start to feel an increase in energy within the initial stages, Week 1 to 4, or it could be by Week 8. What I do know is this: because of the seriousness of kidney disease, it can take until Week 12 for 99% of the participants to appreciate the benefits in full. Hang in there. Kidney disease did not just happen overnight, so it will take some time to turn it around. In addition, because everybody is different, the first healing response you experience will not always be the same as for somebody else. Your first sign could be easier breathing, an increase in energy, a reduction in fluid retention, an increase in appetite or even a more balanced urinary flow or frequency. No matter what it is, take note, as it is only going to get better. Lastly, to see results on paper (test results), I recommend having your first round of tests completed 12 – 16 weeks from the first day of starting the Kidney Disease Solution. This period will allow the full benefits of the program to take hold and give amazing results. I would then continue to have your tests completed every 12 weeks thereafter for the first year to track your progress.

The dosages you recommend for herbs vary greatly to what is recommended on the label. Why is this?

Unfortunately, herbal medicine dosages can be tricky, so it is wise to know how much of the herb you are actually taking. All the herbal dosages I have detailed in my eBook refer to the overall weight of the herb prior to tablet or capsule manufacturing. For instance, I may recommend that you have 45g of Milk Thistle a day – however, if the tablet size were actually 45g, it would weigh as much as a chocolate bar! What herbal manufacturers have done is extract all of the key ingredients for the herb and then placed that in a tablet/capsule – so 45g of the herb can fit into a tablet/capsule weighing only 500mg. Does that make sense? To make things trickier, some manufacturers do not refer to the original weight of the herb and only refer to the actual weight of the tablet or capsule. If this is the case, and you do not know how much to take, then I would follow the directions on the label.

I am pregnant. What can and can’t I do within this program?

As with all medications, you need to check if they are OK during pregnancy. However, as a general rule, I would not take any supplement for the first trimester. Always consult your doctor and the manufacturer of the supplement that you are wishing to take before consumption, and always read the labels.

I have limited amount of money, what are the most essential remedies to buy?

Well, the most essential remedies to buy are found within Phase 1 – four nutrients, and four herbs*. If you took these and nothing else then you will have completed the majority of the program. Add this together with the completely free (or very cheap) aspects of the program and you will have immense healing benefits: alkaline diet, exercise program, juicing recipes, lifestyle advice, tea recipe, meditation techniques, and relaxation techniques.

If these eight remedies in total are still too expensive for you to sustain long-term, then I recommend the following: Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Dan Shen, Rehmannia, and Astragalus.

*When purchasing these remedies make sure that you find brands that contain two or more of these remedies in the one formula. This one tip can save you a lot of money (however some remedies are only available individually).

I’ve been following your program by taking the recommended nutrients, but I have not found any benefit yet, why is this?

Just taking the nutrients is NOT enough; you need to tackle this from all directions. Firstly you need to take the herbs too. This is very important: I do not want to say that herbal medicine is more important than the nutrients, but they are CATEGORICALLY just as important as the nutrients. Herbal medicine is very powerful and make up the backbone of this program.
The rest of the program (diet, exercise, meditation, lifestyle, teas, juices, etc.) also needs to be addressed too! I understand that this part of the program can be at times “hard work”, so do your best. I don’t expect that you are doing all this 100%, 100% of the time,
but it is important nonetheless to incorporate whatever way you can into your life. Especially the alkaline diet and actively reducing stress.

My urine is darker than usual. Why would this happen?

There can be several reasons for a change in the colour of urine. Dark urine may be a sign of dehydration as urine will be more concentrated. Also, some natural supplements can cause a change in the colour of your urine. This is not a problem at all and you will notice it soon after beginning the supplement. This especially occurs with B-vitamins so may be a result of your multi vitamin.
Otherwise you need to inform your doctor of any symptoms, including changes in your urine, and you need to continue to stick to your doctor’s advice in regard to your daily water intake.The rest of the program (diet, exercise, meditation, lifestyle, teas, juices, etc.) also needs to be addressed too! I understand that this part of the program can be at times “hard work”, so do your best. I don’t expect that you are doing all this 100%, 100% of the time,
but it is important nonetheless to incorporate whatever way you can into your life. Especially the alkaline diet and actively reducing stress.

I am vegetarian. Which protein sources should I choose?

It is actually ideal if you are vegetarian and you should find the diet even easier to follow, as we advise avoiding meat for the best kidney and cardiovascular health. With the exception of fish, the diet part of the program encourages vegetarianism. If you are vegetarian you can use tofu and tempeh as your main protein sources, and these soy proteins have shown to be beneficial for kidney health.

I am getting thirsty but I have been placed on a water restriction. What can I do?

It is not safe to drink more water than your doctor has advised, as this can place an extra burden upon your kidneys. You could try diluting lemon juice into ice cubes as this can feel hydrating, but this does need to count as part of your water intake. Or natural chewing gum can be helpful, but ensure that it doesn’t contain any chemicals or artificial sweeteners.

My skin is itchy and nothing will calm it down. What should I do?

Itchy skin is a common symptom of kidney damage, and if you are able to improve kidney function then this should begin to resolve over time. But in the meantime there are a couple of things you can try.
Check your phosphate level on your blood test, as high phosphate can cause itching. You may need to limit phosphorus in your diet, as listed within the program.
Also check your vitamin D levels and ask your doctor if you may need to supplement, as this vitamin is often low in kidney disease. Supplementation can help ease the itching.
It is important to treat the cause of itching as listed above, but in the meantime to ease the symptoms you can try herbal creams such as chamomile or calendula which relieve inflammation and itching.

Where do I buy the supplements?

We recommend that you first look locally to see if you can purchase the products or have them ordered in for you. If you’re unable to access them locally you will find a resources section within the book (starting on page 202) with links to some online stores that you can purchase them from.

Where do I get the herbs for Nanna's tea?

We recommend that you look locally for the tea ingredients, if you’re unable to find them locally there is a ‘resources’ section within the program that contains links to online stores where you can purchase the herbs, many of which ship worldwide, so you should not have any trouble accessing what you require. The resources section starts on page 202.

Instructions for Nanna's tea

You will find the recipe for Nanna’s tea on page 130-131 of the ebook. Blend all of the ingredients together and store in an airtight container. Place two teaspoons of Kidney Tea in a cup of boiling water and steep as you would regular tea or coffee. We recommend drinking one to two cups a day. Don’t add sweeteners or milk.

Can't get the ingredients for Nanna's tea

If you are having trobule sourcing the ingredients of Nanna’s tea, we recommend just purchasing Nettle Leaf tea and drinking 1-2 cups a day. Nettle Leaf tea is an effective alternative.

Can I take the supplements with my pharmaceutical medication?

There are some nutritional supplements and herbs that need to be avoided alongside pharmaceutical medications. If you are taking any medication we recommend writing in for the professional support that comes with the program for advice regarding any supplements that need to be avoided.

Can you recommend a place for me to have blood tests?

If you are in the USA then we use Your Lab Work – You can access their site using this URL – We recommend the following panels – Healthy Blood Vessels – Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), The Advanced Lipid Panel with Lp(a), Bundle – Fasting Glucose, Fasting Insulin, Hemoglobin A1c. We recommend that you run these tests every 3 months