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Kidney Failure Symptoms Checklist: How Are Your Kidneys Really?

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If you suspect kidney disease, or have kidney disease, this may be the most important article you have read on the topic of kidney failure symptoms. I say this because unlike many articles on the internet regarding kidney failure symptoms, this article will help you assess the state of your kidney health via an online self-check list; rather than just listing a bunch of random symptoms, which will give you no guidance or direction.

But I before I go on any further, and this may seem counter-productive, I must state that any method of non-laboratory diagnosis has its flaws. So whatever ever method you may be using, whether it be my self-check list below, medical questionnaire assessments, iridology, TCM analysis, computerised electro scanners, or psychics, nothing will accurately diagnose your condition like proper blood work. If you suspect you have kidney disease, or are experiencing any type of symptoms that you are unsure about, please see your doctor immediately – no matter what these methods tell you.

…It is important to first note that many kidney failure symptoms could be easily confused with any number of illnesses, and this is because many of the initial kidney disease symptoms are superficial and wide-ranging. Therefore listing a bunch of symptoms in no order is pointless, you may have some symptoms, but how can you be certain the symptoms you are experiencing are caused by kidney disease?

It is this vagueness that I hope to eradicate (to the best of my ability) by providing a self-check list and a grading system, and, I hope by informing the wider public of the symptoms of this disease I can help many people avert its ‘silent’ progression.

The Kidney Failure Symptoms Self-Check List

How to use the kidney symptoms checklist:

    1. Scan the list of renal failure symptoms below, and circle the corresponding number (to the right) of each symptom you have experienced in the past 14 days.
    2. Once completed, add up all the numbers you have circled.
    3. Cross check the total number against the ‘Kidney Failure Symptoms Grading Index’ to find out your likelihood of kidney disease.

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days?

Symptoms Points
1. Fluid retention throughout the body
2. Skin ‘greyish’ in colour
3. Current or past history of kidney stones
4. Infrequent urination
5. Decreased urine output
6. Lower back pain, mild to moderate
7. Excessive urination
8. Difficult to pass urine
9. Dark yellow; brown; cloudy; or bloody urine
10. Foamy or bubbly urination
11. Increased urination at night
12. Dripping after urination
13. Inconsistent urine stream
14. Strong smelling urine
15. Increased urge to urinate (pressure on the bladder)
16. Burning during urination
17. Fatigue
18. Mental confusion and/or poor concentration
19. Itchy skin
20. Nausea and/or vomiting
21. Reduced skin elasticity, and dry skin
22. Shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing
23. Bruising easily
24. Low libido
25. Weakness
26. Muscle cramps and stiffness
27. Dizziness
28. Bad breath (halitosis)
29. Thirst, strong
30. High blood pressure
31. Anemia

Total Score =


Kidney Failure Symptoms Grading Index:
–  Low Likelihood of Kidney Disease = 0 to 5
–  Moderate Likelihood of Kidney Disease = 6 to 11
–  High Likelihood of Kidney Disease = 12+

How did you score with the renal failure symptoms checklist? If you have scored a moderate or high “likelihood” of kidney disease then I urge you to see your health care professional for further testing.

But then again, if you scored a low likelihood of kidney disease and something tells you there is something still not-quite-right, then trust your instinct, and do your due diligence and seek further medical care and testing.

If you would like to know further information about how to properly get diagnosed, and what methods are used, please see my article: Top 7 Kidney Tests To Measure Your Kidney Function

Other Uses

This checklist also serves two other uses that you might find beneficial.

  1. For those of you who are unsure whether or not you have kidney disease, or those of you who are newly diagnosed, this may be a valuable checklist to take in to your next consultation. In this way your doctor or naturopath will know exactly what kidney symptoms you are experiencing, which will enable them to better assess you and treat you.
  2. For those with long-standing diagnosed kidney disease, please note that this is a great tool to assess your             treatment progress. Numbers on a piece of paper (test results) will only tell you half of your health picture, and therefore noting your kidney symptoms regularly will give you a broader picture of your health and how well your treatment program is working for you.

If I Have Kidney Disease, What Happens Next?

I guess the scariest part of finding out you have kidney disease is asking the question “what next?” Most people assume that once diagnosed with kidney disease it is the “end of the road” because of the bad outlook that the medical community paints – nothing but dialysis or transplants to look forward to.

But I am here to tell you categorically, and honestly, that there is so much you can do for the health of your kidneys using natural medicines, even to the point of complete reversal. I have spent many years treating kidney disease with great success (when all hope was lost for some of my clients), using nothing but natural medicines.

Natural medicines have not only been proven in a clinical setting, but also scientific research is starting to show what the ancients knew long ago with regards to natural medicines’ ability to help heal the kidneys.

So if you have kidney disease or suspect you have kidney disease, do not be concerned, there is a growing encyclopaedia of tried and tested natural techniques here on this blog to help you recover from kidney disease, and of course there is my complete kidney healing program available too, for those of you who like extra support and a step-by-step program.

Well it has been a pleasure as always, but now I would love to hear from YOU! Please do me the honour of leaving your comments/thoughts/opinion below regarding this article on kidney failure symptoms, and please click the “LIKE” button below if you have found this article useful and/or enjoyable.

Until next time take care of yourself.

To Your Health,

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