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Kidney Failure Treatment: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, But You Need To Know (Part 3)

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Hi All!

And welcome to my final article of the three part series “Kidney Failure Treatment: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, But You Need To Know”.

For me today is by far the most interesting and enjoyable of the series as it involves my passion for natural medicine. Ever since I came to realise my natural inclination towards natural medicine I have been hooked  – something about the power of nature and helping people gets me really excited (is that sad?)!

With an article titled “Kidney Failure Treatment: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, But You Need To Know” you can be pretty safe in thinking that most doctors will never tell you what I am about to mention in this article, and that is simply because most doctors are not trained in natural medicine (Shock Horror!).

Natural Medicine Is All That

In a lot of western cultures natural medicine is seen as the last resort… God knows why, it is only the most used medicine in the world, has thousands of years of real-world use (better than any clinical study I believe). Herbs form the basis of 30% of the drugs on the current market, and now, clinical trials are “proving” that they work – they’re only 5000+ years behind the times. With all that going for natural medicines, why is it that a large proportion of the western population still do not accept it?  I have some theories; most of them revolve around the drug companies telling lies because there just isn’t the profit in natural medicines like there is in pharmaceutical drugs. Especially when you can’t patent them! (They are trying though).

Beginning Of Rant

While we’re on the topic (pharmaceutical drug companies), have you noticed that there are a lot more ‘diagnosed’ conditions nowadays? Had you ever heard of ADD or ADHD, prior to 1980? No. But now this condition exists and the “brains trust” has decided that speed (Ritalin) is the best medicine for our children. Seems criminal to me. How about good old fashion guidance, or counselling to help, or seeing a naturopath for dietary and herbal/nutritional advice? You’d be amazed the effect of eliminating certain foods and implementing a treatment plan of herbal and nutritional supplements can do to help improve brain function.

Oh and one more thing… did you know that the drug companies and now trying to make women’s lack of interest in sex, a disease? Yup, they sure are. Right now drug companies are developing drugs to go with the new condition that they are creating, I mean terming: “female sexual dysfunction” or “female sexual arousal disorder”.

Rant Coming To A Close

Is that absurd or what? Here is a line from Wikipedia: “Although female sexual dysfunction is currently a contested diagnostic, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to promote products to treat FSD, often involving low doses of testosterone.”

Back to the topic! Kidney failure treatment…

The Point Of This Article

Ok, so today I wanted to simply state that there are numerous natural medicines that can and do reverse kidney disease; that ease or eliminate the most common symptoms of kidney disease; that can prolong one’s life; and improve one’s quality of life – because it is not always about how long you live that indicates your health.

Below is a list of the 7 most distinct areas of natural medicines that can help you heal your kidneys and provide you with much needed relief. The important 7 areas are:

1.    Herbal medicines

2.    Vitamins and minerals

3.    Dietary techniques

4.    Hydration techniques

5.    Physical exercise

6.    Stress management strategies

7.    Body therapies (e.g. acupuncture and kinesiology)


drinking water for improved kidney health, hydration and CKD, benefits of hudration and kidney function

Just from reading these 7 options I hope that you can start to see that your condition is no longer a death sentence, and that you have many, many options. By knowing that you have a plethora of treatment options available to you, you no longer need to take “you have kidney disease, there is nothing that can be done except wait out until you need dialysis” from your doctor anymore. (Not all doctors are ‘bad’ mind you).

…And what’s more, we have only skimmed the surface of what natural medicines have to offer. Let’s take herbal medicine as an example, there are at least two dozen herbs that can improve kidney function directly or help eliminate or ease the symptoms of failing kidneys. And of course you can breakdown the other 6 areas further into even more treatment options.

There is no shortage of effective treatment options available to you. Let me say that one more time. There is NO shortage of effective treatment options available to you. You have been coaxed by many well meaning people to believe there is no alternative, that there is no solution (aside from dialysis and transplant), and that anything that contradicts this is false.

And can you blame them? Neither their upbringing nor their education has allowed this to be even possible in their reality. Even with their countless years of study, their reality (their truth), is not THE truth – because with any subject there are ALWAYS many truths (perceptions).

An oldie but a goodie to explain this is the story of Galileo who first discovered that the Earth rotated around the Sun. At the time (before 1610AD) the popular belief was that the Sun revolved around the Earth. When Galileo first proclaimed this fact, he was severely opposed and ridiculed (mostly by the then current ‘academics’), and sentenced to live out his remaining years under house arrest. It was only after his death that this fact was accepted. Today of course it is common knowledge

And that is similar to what is happening today in the West; different ways of thinking from the East are going against all that is known in West. It is natural for conflict to arise when one’s beliefs are challenged, as anything that opposes one’s beliefs undermines one’s sense of self – nothing causes more conflict in the world than the perceived undermining of one’s sense of self by another’s influence. Thankfully however, there is enough evidence for this “new” information to be accepted as the norm without much question – clinical trials and real healings across the globe provide this unquestionable proof (see here for real life proof: – this knowledge will soon become common knowledge.

Do not fall victim to “well” meaning individuals anymore, follow your gut, and make the decisions that you know to be true, and live a truly happy and healthy life. Healthy living is simple, not complicated.

As promised, the content in this article won’t be mentioned by your doctors, but you definitely need to know about it. Knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power.  It is what you do with the knowledge that actualises the seed of power contained within it.

Best of Health!


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