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Kidney Coach – Coaching Is Not (Just) For Sports

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What’s the first thing you think about when I mention the word coach? … Sport isn’t it? Same with me if you asked a couple of years back… Today I have a completely new perspective. Thankfully.

Three years ago my wife Fiona and I decided we wanted to create a wellness clinic in Melbourne, Australia – this was a logical choice for us since we were both naturopaths. After 12 months of perseverance (blood, sweat and LOTS of tears) we realised there had to be an easier way. “Why struggle?” we thought. Thankfully at this stage of our life we had realised that life is meant to be EASY.  That is not to say without challenges, but we just felt like we were spinning our wheels in quick sand. HELP!!

We knew where we wanted to take the clinic, but needed a guide and a firm grip of the fundamentals of business (we’d never owned a business before – and they certainly don’t teach this in schools) to get us there, but how?

Thankfully Fiona had previous experience in two highly successful clinics, one in Melbourne, the other in Canada. Both of these had one thing in common. Business coaches. Thankfully being new business owners with no perceived ideas or notions on how to run a business, hiring a business coach seemed like a sensible and normal thing to do.  That’s what most people do, right?

Details aside, over the period of months we, with our business coach, completely changed our lives and business. No longer were we slaves to the business, we were now its masters. The revenue tripled and we finally got some breathing space. A business coach was the best thing we could ever have done for our business, health, marriage, and life.

The Game Changer

From this experience forward I realised the power of a coach. My parents who are also business owners would ask me, “what do they do?”, “what do they give you?”, “how do they help?” I found this intriguing, as it was second nature to us to have a coach? “Why wouldn’t you?” I would respond.

If you want to be successful in life, do what other successful people do. Success leaves tracks. You do not need to reinvent the wheel.

In life there are many ways to make things work, and many ways to LEARN how to make things work (a lot people would call that failure – I don’t). There is not much left in life where others haven’t already gone before you; Climb Mt Everest? Check. Land on the Moon? Check. Run a business? Check. Play golf? Check. Relationships? Check. Build a cabinet? Check. You get the picture. And the best part is they’ve already done the learning for you. So why not model off them?

Modelling the fundamentals is the quickest path to success in any field: sports, health, business, hobbies, relationships, life, etc.

Modelling is simply employing, doing, or using, the same strategies, techniques, or tools, that somebody in the area you wish to achieve success in (e.g. kidney health), is already achieving success.

As I write this I have numerous coaches in my life: a coach for business, a coach for sport, a coach for learning Spanish (aka teacher), and a coach for all areas of my life (aka a life coach). Simply put, I wouldn’t dream of not at least contemplating the help, or expertise, of a ‘coach’ in my life to help succeed, achieve, or attain my goals. No matter how big or small. I want to be the best I can be, in the shortest time possible, and with the most ease possible.

I am therefore hoping that my website can be your coach, to provide you with all the support, encouragement, tips, advice, and help, needed to achieve YOUR kidney health goals, YOUR desired vitality, and YOUR desired life.

I wish you much health and happiness, and hope that is the start of something magnificent for you.


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