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Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am so excited to be writing this very first post, on what I hope will become a valued resource and leading authority on treating, managing, and healing kidney disease, naturally.

This post is a long time coming for me, over the last couple of years I have been spending my time treating, researching, writing, and testing everything natural for kidney health. Not to say my journey is complete, far from it, I will be learning as you learn, growing as you grow, knowing always that practice and knowledge make perfect. And let’s face it, treating kidney disease effectively both medically and naturally is still in its infancy. So I am sure I will be enlightened just as much as you will, along this journey.

So what can you expect from the blog each week? Well each week I will be endeavouring to post a minimum of three to four articles; everything from delicious recipes that are beneficial to kidney health, to the latest research on kidney disease (both medical and natural), the basics of good health and nutrition, how to diagnose kidney disease effectively, what causes kidney disease and how to prevent them, natural medicines that help start the healing process of kidney disease, product reviews and recommendations, achieving health in all areas of life (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and a whole lot more!

I would also like to build a community, a community of like minded people, a community that is dedicated to attaining optimal health and vitality, a community that is about living their life to the fullest, and a community that is caring and supportive of each other. Through this community, my vision is to help millions of people throughout the world that are suffering from this, most often, unnecessary disease, by guiding them to health through good dietary, nutrition, herbal medicine, healthy living, and mindset advice. And along the way, of course, you will benefit from this too!

So thank you for reading my very first blog post, the first of many, and I hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as I will. Please drop me a line sometime and let me know how you are going, or if you have any topics you would like to see covered.

To Outstanding Health and Vitality,

Duncan Capicchiano

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