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My BUN number went from 38 to 17; the GFR from 34 to 49…

When my annual doctor visit in July 2020 showed that my kidney function had substantially deteriorated in one year, that I was pre-diabetic and my cholesterol numbers were off, I was devastated! There was never any prior indication about kidney issues! When I was leaving my doctors office, I asked what can I do to improve my numbers for my three-month followup appointment and was told to “watch my carbs” I had thought I was watching my carbs! [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] At age 83, I left the office actually believing this kidney disease level 3 diagnosis would be my “undoing”. In despair, I went online to find additional answers and came across the Kidney Disease Solution program and decided to educate myself about my kidney diagnosis in order to make the right choices. I always believed in the holistic approach to healing and found the information invaluable. I followed the comprehensive program’s recommendations and because I was seeing a personal trainer, due to recent x-rays showing arthritic knees, I increased my visits to two times a week. My trainer is incredibly knowledgeable and has been my biggest supporter. Once I started eating correctly based on the program’s recommendations, I was delighted as my weight started dropping, figuring it would ease the stress on my knees as well, I noticed immediately no headaches, no acid reflux, no swollen ankles and my doctor happily cut my blood pressure medicine in half. The biggest bonus was I felt more energy in spirit, mind and body and I knew I was on the right track thanks to the invaluable information contained in the program. My email questions were answered promptly and the regular in-depth information of the how’s and why’s of kidney disease helped me understand why it is so important to eat the proper foods and take better care of our bodies. The proof of the efficacy of this program came in the form of new kidney related numbers after only three months on the program! My BUN number went from 38 to 17; the GFR from 34 to 49 (even better than it was a year prior). I am no longer pre-diabetic and, a real bonus in my mind, is I have lost 21 pounds for which I am sure my knees are grateful! In reviewing my numbers with my primary care doctor last week, he noted I was doing very well and I should continue… What I have always believed and has proven to be true is that WE need to be our own advocates! I am forever grateful for the education I learned from Duncan and Fiona’s research and their commitment to help those who suffer from kidney disease. Gratefully, Pat[/read_more]

My creatine level dropped from 1.42 to 0.98 a 1/3 reduction!

Dear Duncan

I started following your protocol in The Kidney Disease Solution from approximately early April thru today….and on in the future. It literally changed my day to day eating habits etc. I always was an everyday 2-mile walker so that fell right in with your recommendation! I am eating a strict vegetarian diet. I eat no sugar except fresh fruits, no cookies, cake, ice cream, or chocolate. No additional salt and no processed foods with salt. I have a wide selection of no-salt spices I use. I don’t eat any bread. I eat fresh raw vegetables every day, red bell peppers being a favorite of mine!

[read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Per your book I juice two or three times a week. I have no animal meats but do include milk, eggs and some NON processed cheese occasionally. I take the regime of vitamin supplements including Bupleurum daily from your list. I also daily take the tea your as outlined in your book, plus I added an additional cup of ginger tea daily as well.

Also, with this diet and my changed eating habits and amounts of food I consume I have shed 35+lbs since April!

Last Tuesday I took a blood and urine test in my quarterly visit to my health care provider. I am very pleased to tell you that my creatine level dropped from 1.42 to 0.98 a1/3 reduction! Also, this takes me from my original K3 condition UP to K2!

Needless to say, I am very pleased and encouraged by my progress due to following your book’s advice!

When I first received the news of my K3 condition back in April I was devastated. And watching a 2 hour on line class On CKD I was not helped at all. But finding your ad on Facebook and reading your book I knew there was hope and a natural way to lead the rest of my 82 years that God has in store for me!

Thank you, for all your work. I will continue following the diet and look forward to trying the recipes you sent!

Update; At my second check up on Dec 8, 2020 I had another 16% improvement in my kidneys’ function! I went up from GFR of 72 to a GFR of 80! I am still in K2 range ( started in the K3 range0 but at 82 years this continuing improvement is, to me, fantastic! I have also lost another 10lbs and am within a few pounds of having my BMI to normal! My primary care provider said the same thing and encouraged me for the progress. I am committed to following my new diet and lifestyle as long as I live because it works in healing my CKD!


Mr. Mario Elia
Salem, Alabama

Support For My Wellbeing

“I have been a self-care manager since the age of 33 when I had a left-side paralyzing stroke. I had little support other than the rehabilitative sort from the drs. – with whom I was involved – they simply did not know. I still now am sometimes scared for my life about what is going on with me.

[read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]I began about a week ago with just the diet and the breathing exercises. I am alkalizing my body with a dietary plan.

With the breathing exercises I remain open to the regenerative capabilities of my body. I have learned for me that fear is a contractor that limits my body’s capacities for regeneration / restoration. My posture also has improved with the breathing exercises, and therein also serves the easier flow of the natural energies of my body.

I have noticed that having much more energy generates the desire for even more activity as well as the need for a lot less sleep. In fact, if I am inactive, I do not sleep well.

I had noticed while driving two days ago while looking to the left at a cross-roads, a freedom of movement and an absence of neck and shoulder stiffness as well – stiffness and restriction of movement gone!

I have found I had been taking already (simply by trusting my body’s inner guidance) many of the nutritional vitamins and herbs you have recommended in your kidney disease solution as they have served to help keep me well.

And, I think, finally I have found in your kidney disease solutions, support for my well-being, which I will be sharing with my dr.

Warmly and truly, I thank you.”


Aurora Rominger
Autignac, Languedoc, France

Even my Doctor Wants Me To Maintain This Regime

“At my recent check up with my own Doctor in Australia I was really shocked to find my kidney function down, and my sugar and cholesterol levels very high. Since I’ve always had good health I was dumbstruck and decided to be pro-active, which I’m always exhorting my fellow workers to be. After lots of investigation I alighted on your website and purchased your package. It was very easy to download, and your receipting facilities and follow-up service excellent.

[read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]I followed a very precise diet for 6 weeks taking into account your Glycaemic Index and Kidney Solution references, started working out in the gym, walk to work every day instead of taxiing, dropped my caffeine input, cancelled all alcohol and started a vitamin & mineral supplement as suggested by you, followed by several brazil nuts a day!

Last week I had my sugar levels monitored and they have already come down and I have lost weight. Plus even my Doctor wants me to maintain this regime.

I have told one of my friends about your program as she possesses similar traits to those I have – old age creeping up basically!

Thank you, I’ll keep you posted on this work in progress!”[/read_more]

Ellen Fielder
Katong, Singapore

Who Doesn’t Want to Get Better … I Think It’s The Tonic Tea


Hi, I’m Joe Taliana from the Mediterranean island of Malta thanks for your follow up, it’s really nice to know that someone actually cares. Your notes were extremely simply to order and obtain and I would not hesitate to recommend them..who doesn’t want to get better…..since I started using your method I feel I have made some improvement my dizzy spells seem to have lessened a lot and I made a slight improvement with my creatine count which was 1100 and now is just below 1000.. I think it’s that tonic tea you suggested which by the way I had no trouble ordering from the u.k.. Thanks once again.. Keep up the good work and may god bless you…

Joe Taliana

I Was Most Excited And Glad To Hear – Kidneys Can Be Fixed

Dear Duncan,

Well my creatine score at last test was down to 120, which is at the top end of the “normal” range and I feel well. Maybe at next test it will be below 120, which would be great! So I can say that your programme has had a positive effect.

Can’t say what advice helped most, other than trying the programme, as I adopted most parts of the programme other than the alcohol and DietName diet, so couldn’t say whether one part of the programme helped more than another.

Advice that I was most excited and glad to hear – kidneys can be fixed!


John Matthew
New Zealand

Will Certainly Keep Going With The Kidney Solutions, Even Though I Fall Off Them Wagon Occasionally


Hello Duncan,

After 4 months I had a blood test to see if I was getting any results from my new diet etc.

The eGFR result is 63, up from 50 on the last test. It states normal micro albumin and albumin, and creatinine has dropped from 97 to 80! I wonder if I can improve on that, will certainly keep going with the Kidney Solution, even though I fall off the wagon occasionally.

Thank you and have a great Xmas holiday.

Warmest regards,

Serena Alexander
New South Wales,Australia

I feel much better now, and I shall continue with all that I have been doing

Before I read the book, I used to burp FREQUENTLY and had been given medication for that, but it did not stop. However, when I started following the guidelines in the Kidney Solution I started seeing a change. First thing I did and I’m still doing is daily exercise for at least 15 minutes – walking around my house. Then drinking a lot of juice including cranberry. I have not laid my hands on Acai juice yet. There is none in the city of Accra. Then I have been taking vitamins suggested in the book. I feel much better now, and I shall continue with all that I have been doing since I got the book. I believe when I get back to the US and get all that have prescribed in the Kidney Solution, I’ll feel far better. Thank you for what you have done for me and many others. God bless you, real good.

Texas, USA

After 3 Months, My Lab Results Were Encouraging 


Hi; I’m Lex Shirah and have been on your kidney disease solution program for approximately three months. I visited the clinic yesterday and my lab results were encouraging. Creatinine was 2.9-down from 4.2 on previous check in Dec. 2009. I will continue with your program which seems to be working.

[read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]To give you a little history- I am a 68 year old male with a 20 year history of renal disease. In 1990 I was diagnosed with malignant hypertension which had probably been around for quite a long time and caused my renal failure. After getting the BP under control my kidney function improved but never returned to normal. In the last 4-5 years kidney function has been steadily declining with Creatinine going from 2.0 to over 4.0. I had surgery for installation of a shunt/fistula for dialysis access. (I have not yet been on dialysis and hopefully will never be)

Anyway- “So far So Good” I am very pleased with your product.[/read_more]

Lex Shirah

In 6 Weeks, Egfr From 55 To 75 My Doctor Could Not Believe This And Was Very Interested In What I Had Been Doing

Dear Duncan,
I just wanted to share with you the good news I have just received from my latest blood test results. Six weeks ago I found out I had a GFR reading of 55 – I also had protein readings that were high, 2 years before this I had a reading of 53, although the Doctors, in their wisdom, did not tell me this. I therefore had no idea that there was a problem with my kidneys. Six weeks ago I started on your program and have just returned from the doctors, I now have a GFR reading of 75, with no protein showing up. My doctor could not believe this and was very interested in what I had been doing. As an added bonus I have lost 5kg. I totally believe that following your suggestions and my faith in God is what has made the difference. Thank you

Kim Schultz

Before We Found Your Book, We Were Desperate. Now We Have Hope.


Thank you for your e-mail.

My name is Antero Hynninen and the member of my family has kidney disease. Before we found your book, we were desperate. Now we have hope. At the first time her crea has going down .It was 410 and now it is 360. Also all mineral levels are ok.

[read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]She went to take d-vitamin s-d-25 blood test in April and it was only 66 . The doctors prescribe d-vitamin was synthetic and it was not good .You recommend natural d-vitamin, and we found it and natural calcium and magnesium too.

She is going next week again taking the d-vitamin level blood test. We have doctor of chiropractic who is now taken care of her. He has been treating the family over 20years and now he is member of this kidney disease treatment team.

She is now feeling much better and I thank you every day. She has next laboratory test and doctor in September.

With kindest regards[/read_more]

Antero Hynninen