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Kygenesis CardioRestore™

  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes overall cardiovascular health
  • Provides defense against complications of hypertension
  • Beneficial for the renal system

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Science-Based Formula

Science-Based Formula

Why CardioRestore™ Formula

High blood pressure is a leading cause of kidney disease. Why is it such a risk factor? It damages blood vessels in the kidneys. That’s not all, however. Kidney and heart health are closely intertwined.
The kidneys need the heart for a steady supply of oxygenated blood. The heart needs kidneys to filter blood, regulate fluids, salt levels, and blood pressure.
Damage to the heart or kidneys drives up blood pressure. This forces the heart to work harder and increases the risk of heart failure. That’s why people with kidney disease more often die from heart complications than from kidney failure.
Keeping your blood pressure healthy is essential to halt the cycle of renal and cardiovascular damage.
That’s why there’s Kygenesis CardioRestore™.
Combining the best ingredients for hypertension and heart health, CardioRestore™ is specifically formulated for kidney disease.

Kygenesis CardioRestore™ Active Ingredients

This specialized supplement delivers 9 potent herbs and nutrients that support healthy blood pressure.

Magnesium Citrate

An alkalizing mineral, magnesium supports the whole cardiovascular system. Not only does it promote healthy blood pressure, but magnesium supports heart contractions, healthy arteries, blood thinning, and more.
Studies indicate that magnesium also helps to regulate blood sugar, and is linked with lower levels of inflammation, reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes — two leading causes of kidney disease.


Taurine is a semi-essential amino acid and antioxidant. Studies show that taurine is a potent support for the cardiovascular and renal systems.
Taurine promotes healthy blood pressure by regulating stress hormones, acting as a diuretic, and relaxing the walls of blood vessels.
Taurine also protects liver function, promotes glucose metabolism, and defends against oxidative stress and inflammation, precursors of diabetes.

Natural Vitamin E

Clinical trials have shown that vitamin E supplementation can significantly reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of major cardiovascular events and heart attacks.
Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that has been proven to defend against inflammation and oxidation, protecting the heart and kidneys.
Vitamin E protects against the thickening or hardening of arteries and the build-up of arterial plaque. This antioxidant can also reduce blood clots, kidney scarring, diabetic kidney disease, and more.

Nicotinamide (vitamin B3)

Niacin or nicotinic acid for CKD, CVD and high blood pressure
Recent clinical trials have shown that nicotinamide supplementation can lower blood pressure and reduce arterial stiffness.
Nicotinamide is a B vitamin that supports energy production at a cellular level. It’s vital for metabolic health, blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity and signaling.


In natural medicine, hawthorn is considered the premier heart tonic, which means that it strengthens the cardiovascular system. All parts of the plant have health benefits.
Studies indicate that hawthorn can relax blood vessels, improve circulation, protect against heart damage, improve heart contraction, lower cholesterol, and more.


Chrysanthemum is a flowering plant that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has long been revered as an anti-hypertensive in Chinese medicine and is widely used to treat chest pain (angina), diabetes, swelling, and more.
Studies have shown that chrysanthemum supports healthy blood pressure. It appears to dilate or widen blood vessels.

Terminalia arjuna bark

This evergreen plant has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Terminalia arjuna is a valued cardiac tonic used to strengthen the cardiovascular system.
The benefits of the bark are attributed to multiple compounds that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Studies have demonstrated that T. arjuna significantly lowers systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and LDL cholesterol levels.

Lime flower

Lime flower or linden tree is a traditional medicine used to promote healthy blood pressure and prevent plaque build-up in arteries. It is also used to counter anxiety and promote restorative sleep.
Linden contains a potent antioxidant, tiliroside, that can protect against oxidative stress in tissues across the body, including the heart, arteries, and kidneys. This same component has been found to lower blood pressure and affect heart contractions.

Eucommia bark

For thousands of years, eucommia bark (also known as du zhong) has been used by herbalists to support the kidneys, restore vitality, reduce hypertension, treat diabetes, and more.
In the west, it is primarily known as a supplement for hypertension, and clinical research has confirmed the health benefits of eucommia bark. Not only does it support healthy blood pressure, but eucommia bark can help to mitigate the symptoms of diabetes and protect the kidneys.

Ingredients We Never Use

What you won’t find in CardioRestore™ is just as important. Unlike other blood pressure formulas, CardioRestore™ is free from herbs that are unsafe to use with impaired kidney function.
Kygenesis Naturopaths have formulated CardioRestore™ based on years of research and clinical practice with patients that have both high blood pressure and kidney disease.


Pure and potent. Kygenesis sources ingredients only from the highest-quality growers and producers. Each batch is tested for purity. And because we use potent extracts, you get a supplement that’s up to 10X more powerful in a smaller dose.


From our clinics to you. Kygenesis was formulated by a team of Naturopaths who specialize in treating kidney disease. These are the exact supplements we prescribe to our patients.


Every ingredient in Kygenesis is backed by clinical evidence demonstrating that these nutrients and herbs improve kidney health. It’s the ideal protocol for anyone whose kidneys need support.

Start Improving Your Blood Pressure & Protect Your Kidneys

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Savings on all Bulk Orders

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CardioRestore™ FAQs

CardioRestore™ can be taken in stages one to five of kidney disease. If you have kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other known condition, discuss supplements with your healthcare provider.
Take two capsules twice daily (or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional). CardioRestore™ can be taken with or without food. Continue daily use for ongoing blood pressure and kidney support.
The herbs and nutrients in CardioRestore™ can help to lower hypertension and support kidney function. Your diet and lifestyle are also critical. Learn more about the complete Kidney Disease Solution guide and tools here.

Each individual responds differently to supplements, however we find people start to experience a sense of wellbeing, improved energy, and improvement in mild symptoms within 1-2 weeks.

Before taking CardioRestore™, keep a daily record of your blood pressure. Continue to do so as you take CardioRestore™. Results should be evident within 2-4 months of consistent supplement use.

We also recommend keeping a daily symptom diary to track your progress.

Kygenesis formulas are developed by Naturopaths with deep clinical and research experience in kidney health. The ingredients are pure and premium; many are concentrated extracts for up to 10X more potency.
Kygenesis is made from ingredients that are deemed safe for the general population when taken as recommended. If you have a pre-existing health condition or are pregnant or lactating, consult a healthcare professional before using any nutritional supplement.

If you are taking anti-hypertensive medications, monitor your blood pressure levels while taking this supplement. Ingredients in CardioRestore™ are proven to support lower blood pressure. Your doctor may recommend reducing your medications as your hypertension is controlled.

For questions regarding safety in combination with other prescription medications, we recommend speaking to your professional healthcare provider or emailing customer support at [email protected].

Your doctor may adjust your prescription(s) if your need for medication changes while taking these supplements.

We cannot recommend that you substitute these supplements for prescribed medication or recommended over-the-counter medication. Please consult with your qualified healthcare practitioner for advice on your medication.

CardioRestore™ is formulated to deliver the daily support that helps maintain healthy cardiovascular and renal function. Every day, these systems are under stress and naturally decline with aging. To maintain and improve results, you should take this supplement consistently.
Kygenesis supplements are calibrated for maximum efficacy and safety at the recommended dose — not above. Please follow the dosage guidelines or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Domestic US and international shipping costs vary depending on the shipping method you choose at checkout. You will see the shipping costs in your checkout process and can adjust your shipping method before placing your order.
Kygenesis is prepared in New York in a multi-award-winning FDA-registered facility, certified GMP by NSF International through independent audits. The chemists and technicians operate to the highest standards of quality.
Please email our Customer Service at [email protected]