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Duncan Capicchiano

Hi, I’m Duncan. Welcome, and thank you for visiting my site! I am so happy and grateful to have you here.

Welcome to, your ultimate guide to healing your kidneys naturally. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with kidney disease, your doctors have no doubt painted a rather grim picture of your future. They’ve told you that kidney disease only goes in one direction – downhill – and that dialysis or transplant are the only ways to manage the irreversible decline.

Naturally, this news is devastating. Like so many others who receive this prognosis, you may be grieving the loss of the future you imagined. The well-earned retirement with your loved ones, the precious time watching your grandkids grow up, all replaced by images of hospitals and machines and surgeries and medications. 

MICROBIOME AND kidney and renal disease and function

You’ve been told there’s nothing you can do but make your peace with it. I disagree. 

I know that your future can be much brighter than this.  

My name is Duncan Capicchiano, and I’m a naturopath, medical researcher and kidney health specialist. I know that you have a happier, healthier future because I’ve helped 25,000+ people with kidney disease to turn their own fate around. 

In 2008, Fiona’s dear Nanna received the same crushing prognosis. 73 years young and full of life, we couldn’t believe that her golden years were about to be snatched away from her in such a heartbreaking way. She inspired me to go looking for better answers to kidney disease, and thankfully I found them. 

How to use

After Nanna’s diagnosis, I spent years researching, developing and fine-tuning a treatment protocol to naturally reverse kidney disease. The purpose of this website is to bring together all of this work into one simple resource that you can start using right now.

To date, the information you’ll find here on has helped 25,000 people to: 

All of these people were told that they’d never lead normal lives again. 

They were all told that dialysis or transplant were their only options. 

They were all told they had no choice but to watch and wait as their health deteriorated before their eyes.  

They chose not to accept that fate. 

Using the information you’ll find here, all of those people have taken back control of their kidney health and reclaimed the future they deserve.  

Are you ready to join them? Then here’s how to dive in and start your journey back to full kidney health. 

Step 1: Master the essentials with 3 FREE kidney health guides.

When it comes to restoring your kidney health, knowledge is power. However, it can be hard to make sense of the masses of complicated information out there. That’s why I’ve taken everything you need to know to get started on your kidney health journey, and packed it into these FREE in-depth resources. 

FREE Guide 1: The Alkaline Diet & pH Guide for Kidney Disease

This free (and highly detailed) guide will give you the knowledge of which foods to eat and which ones to avoid! It will also give you the best kidney diet guidelines to follow, so you can take out all the guesswork.

30 Healthy Recipes to Heal Your Kidneys

FREE Guide 2: 30 Healthy Recipes to Heal Your Kidneys

This free, comprehensive guide is packed with 30 kidney-boosting recipes. Cook with confidence and enjoy your food, knowing that you’re healing and supporting your kidneys with every bite!  

7 Immune Boosting Natural Remedies for Kidney Disease​

FREE Guide 3: 7 Immune Boosting Natural Remedies for Kidney Disease 

This free (and highly handy) guide will help you understand the key immune boosting nutrients and herbs you can take if you suffer from kidney disease, so you can improve your immune system and protect yourself from COVID.

Step 2: Browse our collection of kidney health articles. features a collection of evidence-based articles summarising over a decade of intensive research into kidney health. My goal is to answer any and every question you might have about your kidneys and empower you with the knowledge to make life-altering, long-lasting changes. You’ll find in-depth articles on: 

To help you find what you’re looking for, I’ve broken the articles down into four main categories, which I recommend working through in the order below. 

Here’s what you’ll find in each section, along with some of the most popular articles to get you started…

1. The Essentials: What You Need To Know About Kidney Disease

This section will give you a solid foundation on kidney health and disease. Start here to understand how your kidneys work, why they fail, and everything that happens in between. You’ll also find helpful information on dealing with your diagnosis, and mentally and physically preparing for your journey to recovery. 

2. Kidney Disease Symptom Treatment Guides

From sleep loss and swelling to itching and infections, kidney disease can come with a whole host of unpleasant symptoms. In this section, you’ll learn natural, proven ways to alleviate your symptoms and lighten the burden of kidney disease. 

3. Kidney Disease Dietary Information

Diet is hands-down one of the most powerful weapons you have in the fight against kidney disease. So much so that it has its very own section, covering everything from renal diet protocols to delicious kidney-friendly recipes. 

4. Advanced Kidney Disease Treatment Information

It’s my goal to make you an expert partner in your journey back to great health. In this section, we take your knowledge to the next level with advanced topics like co-morbidities and nutrient therapies, and we explain what the latest scientific research in renal medicine means for you.

Step 3: Join The Kidney Disease Solution 

The Kidney Disease Solution is my “all in one” kidney-healing program, designed to reverse kidney disease and set you back on the path to great health in just weeks. 

The closest thing to working one-to-one with me, the hands-on program features:  

25,000 people (and counting!) have used the Kidney Disease Solution to halt or completely reverse kidney disease. No matter which stage of kidney disease you’re currently in – even if you’re already on dialysis – you can benefit from this simple but powerful program. 

And if you don’t, I’ll personally give you your money back. That’s a promise. So you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try.

You’ll gain freedom from all of the fears and uncertainties that come with kidney disease.

You’ll gain many more years of joy with your partner, your family, and your grandkids. 

And best of all, you’ll gain the good health and vitality to enjoy them.  

Click the button below now to find out more about The Kidney Disease Solution.