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The Daily Disciplines: Simple Ways For Creating Success In All Areas In Your Life

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Keeping yourself motivated, and in the right of mind, is crucial for your ongoing success in life and health. So, what are the things you do every day to keep you on track to success?

When you get to find out what’s behind people’s success invariably it all comes down to “daily disciplines”. From the sage on top of the mountain, the tuned athlete competing in the Olympics, to the hot shot business man made of millions; they all have one thing in common “daily disciplines”.

You see I don’t believe in chance or luck. In fact, I believe luck’s meaning should be changed to something I heard Julia Roberts (actor) once say, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”.

NOW LET ME ASK YOU THIS… “How long did you spend planning your last holiday?” and “How long have you sat down and planned your life and health?”

Most people out there generally cruise along in life on auto-pilot, without much direction or intention for what they do every day – and that’s no way to be, you want to arrive somewhere on purpose, not because you were swept there by the river of life. They simply react to what is presented to them and carry on… hoping that things will change by themselves.

Their favourite saying is “one day…”. “One day my life will be in order, one day my life will be what I have always dreamed.” But the problem is that most people fail to see that without planning, serious thought or direction, those dreams will always stay dreams. We need to make most of the time we have and the only time we have is in the present… the NOW. We cannot live in the future (though some try) we only live in the present. Any event takes planning; have you ever been to a party without some form of preparation or organisation? I don’t think so.

So what are you doing now to attain your goals and dreams?

Here is a list that will transform your life; here is a list of 6 Daily Disciplines for the high performer


1. Physical Exercise

A simple walk, swim, jog, bike ride, gym or yoga session, at least 4 out of 7 days. This will keep your body healthy, and mentally charged and strong.

2. Gratitude Journal

Write down 5 things you are grateful for every morning. Having an “attitude of gratitude” will have the universe wanting to give you more. Do you like giving stuff to people who are ungrateful? Me either.

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3. Goals & Review

Write down a minimum of 20 “loves” into a journal or notepad, and then read them every morning. A “love” can be big or small, for example: “I would love to read that book I have been putting off” or “I would love to go for a holiday to…” or “I would love to have healthy kidney function”. This will keep you on target to where you want to go. You will simply know what to do, to get you a step closer to your goals.

4. Self Coaching Questions (see below)

Review list every morning.

5. Meditation

15 Minutes of quiet time with yourself. Try what works for YOU: it could be breathing focused, drawing attention to different parts of your body focused, or a simple guided meditation. Whatever it is make sure you enjoy it!

6. Phone a Friend

Contact at least 1 friend or family member each morning. Start the morning on a positive!

And, here are the Self Coaching Questions….

1. What am I doing today to get what I love…?

2. Will my behaviour improve the situation and move me to where I want, or am I settling?

3. How would the person I want to become do the things I am about to do?

4. Am I willing to accept the consequences of not changing?

5. What don’t I see? (Think about this one. Is there anything you have missed?)

6. Am I setting in motion what will produce the effect I want?


Use these for the next 30 days STRAIGHT. If you want to add or change it, then do so after 30 consecutive days using it …

Very Simple, Very Powerful. Happy Success!

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